About Me

Really, I'm not sure there's more that I can tell you that isn't in the photographs on this page and throughout my website.

All of the photos you see here represent lives and stories that I am both proud and grateful to have been a part of.  

My life has taken me down a number of different paths - I've spent time working as a school teacher, a corporate lawyer and a pediatric nurse. But, photography and story-telling are the two things about which I am most passionate. I have lived in Austin most of my life - although the East Coast was my home for a number of years during college and law school. While my photo work is primarily based in and around Austin, Texas, I am willing to travel anywhere to be a part of your journey.

My photography work focuses on pets and families . . . and when possible, the interaction between the two. I work with families of all types, pets of all types, people of all types . . . the relationships that make up your life. All of my sessions are customizable based on the needs of your family and/or your pet.

When I am not photographing clients, much of my time is spent working with animal rescue organizations and shelters to promote their animals . . . telling their stories. I have experience working with disaster relief, animals of all types, community outreach and veterinary services.

I look forward to knowing you. Please reach out for pricing information, if you have any questions or if you're interested in booking a session - sjurgensen@gmail.com.  

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