Austin Pet Photography and Austin Family Photography

I'm an Austin based pet and family photographer who loves the outdoors, telling stories, meeting new people, petting all the dogs and capturing as many singular moments as I can.   

All of the photos you see here represent lives and stories that I am both proud and grateful to have been a part of.  

My photography work focuses on pets and families . . . and when possible, the interaction between the two. I work with families of all types, pets of all types, people of all types . . . the relationships that make up your life.  My photographic "style" is largely documentary in nature - and while I'll always capture a few formal portraits, what interests me most are all of the moments in between.  I strive to work with you to create images that feel like a reflection of you (your family and your pets) and your story.  Our time together will be bespoke - tailored to your life and life experiences.  While my photo work is primarily based in and around Austin, Texas, I am willing to travel anywhere to be a part of your journey.

When I am not photographing clients, much of my time is spent working with animal rescue organizations and shelters to promote their animals . . . telling their stories. I have experience working with disaster relief, animals of all types, community outreach and veterinary services.  

I look forward to knowing you.  

End of Life Pet Photography

I do offer end of life pet photo services - either in the days preceding euthanasia or the euthanasia itself.  Having lost three beloved dogs in the last five years, I find this time to be beautiful and vulnerable - and worth capturing.  I believe in honoring all parts of of the journey we take with our pets - including the end.  If this is something that you may be interested in, please reach out.  This work is profoundly meaningful to me - it would be my honor to bear witness to the end of a well lived, well loved life.     

Contact Me

The best way to reach me is by email - (or through my instagram page: @all.the.good.dogs).  Tell me a little bit about yourself, your family, your pets and what you're looking for in a photographer/photography session.

All of my standard sessions are around 45 minutes to an hour in length and are priced as a flat fee that includes both image creation and high resolution digital files.  Pricing starts at $375 (that said, I will always do my best to work with people on pricing if needed).  All of my sessions are customizable based on the needs of you, your family and/or your pets.   Please reach out for additional pricing details, if you have any questions or if you're interested in booking a session.

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